We are part of the reusable movement in St Ives…are you in?

USE*RINSE*REPEAT its that easy! Our pilot scheme starting on 1st […]

USE*RINSE*REPEAT its that easy!

Our pilot scheme starting on 1st March 2024 starts it’s journey using Circular&Co sustainable coffee cups. The pilot scheme starts with 12oz branded cups which can be used across multiple outlets across St Ives.

Creating reusable coffee cups that will be used – and reused!

Our Circular&Co. Cup is designed to last for over ten years and it’s important that people feel proud carrying our branded cup and happy to use it time and again.

As one of the UK’s most popular holiday destinations St Ives sells a vast amount of hot and cold drinks, the majority of which are served in recyclables but single use takeaway vessels. For residents and visitors who prefer their drink on the go, St Ives is introducing a new affordable way of becoming part of the reusable movement.

St Ives has an enthusiastic and committed business community to keeping St Ives vibrant and beautiful. Working together as a collective we hope to reduce the amount of single-use cups in the area and as the movement progresses we hope to introduce additional items such as takeaway boxes. At the height of summer a huge amount of disposable cups a week are being used, with many being discarded in public places. The single-use coffee cup litter became heightened by the covid crisis and subsequent increase in visitors. Understanding that takeaway vessels account for a large amount of the town’s consumer waste, St Ives BID and its businesses are looking to action a community-wide cup scheme to help tackle the issue.

Where can I buy these cups and which businesses are involved in the pilot scheme?

Porthminster Cafe

Porthmeor Cafe

TATE St Ives

The Brewhouse Cafe

Crafted Coffee


Sea of Coffee

St Ia Church Cafe

Cafe Art

St Ives Leisure Centre

Harbour View House

Plus more to follow….

How much are the cups?


How much discount will I get off my drink for using one of these cups in the above outlets?


Be part of the exclusive 10% off club whilst making a huge difference within our community. Cups are limited during the pilot scheme and more will be available if the pilot is successful.

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