St Ives in Bloom Flowers 11

St Ives in Bloom

We think you will all agree that as normal the St Ives Blooms teams have once again excelled themselves with this summers plantings and have made it a beautiful welcome to St Ives for residents and visitors alike.

As we all know, time and tide wait for no man! The season is marching on and with the successful installation of all the summer blooms we are already looking towards the winter planting project. A number of locations will be planted with various winter plants and a selection of bulbs to keep the town looking beautiful during winter.
Keep an eye on this blog for updates as to where and when the winter planting will be taking place so you can visit and have a look for yourself.

I would like to congratulate all the towns businesses for making it this far and hope you are all having as successful a summer as you are able, under the very real and very difficult circumstances we all find ourselves in.
We look forward to speaking with you all again very soon.

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