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  • Dr Feelgood St Ives September Festival

St Ives September Festival

April 12th, 2022|

The 15-day St Ives September Festival of music and arts – once again backed by a grant from St Ives BID – will take place from September 10 to 24 2022.

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St Ives businesses vote ‘yes’ to BID.

St Ives businesses have voted ‘yes’ to a second term as a Business Improvement District (BID) with a strong mandate from its business community.

A total of 191 St Ives businesses took part in the ballot, a turnout of 60% (14% above the national average turnout for BID ballots). Of those voters, 121 were in favour, representing a 63% majority by number and 71% by rateable value.

The ballot results were far higher than in the first term demonstrating that the BID has made a big difference to the town through schemes including funding the popular Christmas lights and New Year fireworks, supporting the introduction of a CCTV system, new wayfaring signage, and annual summer seagull awareness campaigns.

The new five-year term will begin on June 1st and will generate approximately £127K a year to be spent on delivering projects and services in the thriving seaside town. Each of these priorities have been highlighted by the businesses as outlined in the St Ives BID Business Plan.

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