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Bid Term 2


St Ives BID begins its second five-year term at the end of May 2019.

Bid Term 2

Festive Fun in St Ives this December

An entire month of events not to be missed!

Marketing & Events

Theme 1: Town Appearance and Facilities

BID 2 Projects - Town Appearance and Facilities

Appearance & Facilities, Bid Term 2

Theme 2: Marketing and Events

BID 2 Projects - Marketing and Events

Bid Term 2, Marketing & Events

Theme 3: Accessibility and Security

BID 2 Projects - Accessibility and Security

Accessibility and Security, Bid Term 2

Theme 4: Supporting Your Business

BID 2 Projects - Supporting Your Business

Bid Term 2

Recycling is a key priority for St Ives

Recycling could be introduced to the popular West Cornwall town

Appearance & Facilities

CCTV now live in St Ives

A new CCTV system is now up and running in St Ives to help keep residents and businesses safe and secure.

Appearance & Facilities

Spot the seagulls in St Ives this summer

A colourful and fun Seagull Trail to help educate people about seagulls and how best to live alongside them

Appearance & Facilities

Pedestrian Signage Project

Helping visitors explore St Ives

Appearance & Facilities

St Ives Food & Drink Festival

from 6pm on 10th – 12th May 2019

Marketing & Events

Press Trips

Promoting St Ives as a year round destination

Marketing & Events

New Years Fireworks

The BEST place to welcome in your New Year!

Marketing & Events

Marketing St Ives

St Ives in winter

Marketing & Events

Smeatons Pier Lighthouse

126-year-old lighthouse gets new lease of life with love

Appearance & Facilities

Don’t be gull-ible…

Why have a campaign about seagulls in St Ives?

Appearance & Facilities

Town Planting Scheme

St Ives in bloom

Appearance & Facilities

Harbour Flags

Appearance & Facilities

Festoon Lights

The longest set of festoon lights in Europe

Appearance & Facilities


We recognise the need for CCTV in St Ives

Appearance & Facilities

I Love Shopping in St Ives

Shop in St Ives all year round

Marketing & Events

September Festival

9th - 23rd September 2017

Marketing & Events

Grants and Funding

Government funding

Appearance & Facilities

St Ives “The Brand”

Please download the Brand Guidelines Document below.

Appearance & Facilities