St. Ives BID DISC App – Business owners to receive welcome emails

Partnership for BID, St. Ives Town Council and Devon & […]

Partnership for BID, St. Ives Town Council and Devon & Cornwall Police

All business have either received their welcome email with login information or it will arrive shortly. Once business owners have access the next stage will be to add employees. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the BID office 01736 792121.

New for BID Levy Payers and SITA Members

The DISC online reporting system should be used for all incidents that cause you concern or when the incident has already happened. The Police service is led by crime reports and reliable intelligence, without a crime report being made no action will be taken. If you witness or are involved in an incident where you feel immediate threat or the crime is still happening then you should still call 999 rather than report vis DISC. If you report all other matters via DISC then this replaces the need to telephone 101. All you would need to do is download the free DISC App and logins will be available from St. Ives BID.

DISC Crime Reports include everything that 101 staff need to immediately assess the incident itself, the amount and availability of evidence available (including any Witness Statement, images of offenders, and availability of CCTV footage) contact details of witnesses, etc. This ‘triage’ process helps police identify incidents that merit further investigation and/or already contain sufficient information to pass them on to the next stage, on the way to prosecution or some other resolution. Witness Statements delivered through Disc are electronic versions of the paper-based standard ‘MG11’ form used by all police forces. They comprise, on one side of the form, the witnesses’ description of the incident itself, and on the other side, information about the witness, their contact details, availability to attend court, etc. In Disc, the two ‘sides’ are separated into two separate electronic documents. Disc helps police to fulfil their statutory obligations efficiently and effectively, to comply with Home Office ‘counting rules’ and National Crime Recording Standards, and to improve service levels to the public – all while reducing processing costs.

Disc systems help local business communities and their members share information about offenders so they can protect their property, staff, customers – and their p rofits. Disc supports local Shopwatches, Pubwatches and independent Business Crime Reduction Schemes.

The DISC App is a game changer and will provide the business community within St. Ives with a live crime map and provide interactive data with the Police, BID, the Town Council, and other schemes such as Shopwatch/Pubwatch as it can also be used as a GDPR compliant messaging system.

For a full list of benefits and to answer any questions you might have please visit the following page:

The initial setup is quite data heavy which is why we can’t launch immediately. BID are currently working in the background to set up the administration and GDPR side of the App but we hope to launch early March. As we get nearer to the launch date information will be sent out to businesses regarding login details. The App is free for anyone to download from the App Store and multiple members of your teams can join, logins will be provided by BID.

Initial investment payable to DISC £1200 (Grant from St. Ives Town Council)

Monthly cost £95 (BID)

Administration (BID)

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