17th April – St Ives Town Deal Pop-Up Expo 2023

BID and St Ives Town Deal are holding a pop-up […]

BID and St Ives Town Deal are holding a pop-up Expo to showcase the nine projects funded by £19.9m from the UK government. The expo, which will be open to the public, will take place on Monday, April 17th, from 9.30am to 6pm in the ground floor of St Ives Library Building. It will display models, plans, and drawings of some of the key projects and allow members of the project teams, as well as local councillors, to discuss the exciting and ambitious plans with attendees.

The Town Deal supports nine transformational projects that are aimed at developing local skills, jobs and business, providing new and upgraded housing and community facilities as well as supporting low-carbon modes of transport to create a greener town centre.

The nine St Ives Town Deal projects include:

  • Enterprise Grants Fund
  • St Ives Theatre Regeneration
  • Old Vicarage Flats
  • St Ives LiveWest Low Carbon Retrofit
  • New and updated Rugby Club and Housing
  • St Ives Guildhall
  • St Ives Community Orchard Growth
  • Leach Pottery & St Ives Digital Trail
  • Low Carbon Transport

The Expo aims to provide an opportunity for the local community to find out more about the projects, highlight what has already been achieved, and talk about what lies ahead. Monday, April 17th, will also see the St Ives Annual Electors’ Town Meeting being held on the upper floor of the town’s library. The event, which will begin at 6pm, again providing local residents with the chance to meet Town Councillors and ask questions.

Click here to read the official press release.

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