St Ives BID Boundry

St Ives BID Mid Term Review

St. Ives BID came about because it was felt that during various times of austerity there was a shortfall of funding available for key services within the town such as appearance, marketing, and support for events. The gap was being filled by local businesses in an ad hoc way.

The St. Ives BID levy ensures that businesses contribute to a series of projects that were decided upon by the businesses during the consultation period.

St. Ives BID is owned and funded by the businesses of St. Ives collectively coming together to fund projects that the businesses said they wanted. The more people that get involved with these projects the quicker and more cost-effective it is to deliver them.

St. Ives town has a brand that is available for all businesses to use within their marketing material.

Click below to find out what we have been up to during our second term to date.

If you would like to have your say about St Ives BID please click the button below and take the attached online questionnaire. (8mins)

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