BID 2 Projects – Supporting Your Business

Theme 4: Supporting Your Business.

Representing business interests on key issues was one of the services that you have told us you really appreciate.

In particular, 95% of respondents said it was ‘essential’ or ‘important’ for the BID to explore introducing a commercial refuse recycling scheme so an early project for the second term will be to do just that.

It’s important that we use the power of the BID working as a collective of businesses to lobby for change and to secure opportunities. This is partly up to you to tell us what support you need and when.

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Commercial Refuse Recycling – Working with Cornwall Council to explore options for introducing a commercial refuse recycling scheme with a better deal negotiated for BID levy payers.
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Representation – representing the views of businesses on things that matter to them such as access, parking, planning, timing of deliveries.
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Welcome Pack for new businesses to support them in relocating to St Ives and making a success of their new venture.
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This theme will be monitored by:

  • Levy payer feedback and actions taken
  • Number of representations made and their impact
  • Number of new businesses supported
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St Ives would be much poorer without BID; there have been improvements which given the reduced level of spending by the local authorities, are desperately needed.

In recent years St Ives visitor numbers have increased markedly, resulting in a significant increase in trade for many. Thanks to events and marketing the summer season is now longer and the peak for the Christmas and New Year period is clear – as 30,000+ visitors shows.

Without BID to organise events I believe our town would look much poorer, as the harbour flags, the herring gull campaign and planting schemes would not happen as the local authorities have neither the capacity or budget to do so. Neil Whitham, The Balancing Eel