Project Description

BID 2 Projects – Marketing and Events

Theme 2: Marketing and Events.

Our consultation demonstrated that marketing and events is still a high priority. Promotion of St Ives during the low season and shoulder months scored 92% and almost as many respondents wanted new events in the off season to be facilitated by the BID too. Reintroducing a themed trail map was also highlighted and will be introduced for BID 2. The projects listed below were all ranked as ‘essential’ or ‘important’ by between 77% and 92% of respondents.

Promotion of St Ives via local, regional and national campaigns focussing on generating business during the low season and shoulder months. The campaigns will include the ‘I love ..’ themes in relation to shopping, art, surfing, eating out etc. ‘Enhance’

New Events – Facilitate new events for St Ives for the shoulder months.
‘New for BID 2’

Existing Events – Supporting events such as the St Ives September Music and Arts Festival, Food and Drink Festival, Shanty Shout.
‘Continue from BID 1’

Themed Trails/Maps/Guides – Covering heritage, art and food to encourage visitors to explore the hidden parts of St Ives. ‘New for BID 2’

St Ives in Winter – Co-ordinating and funding the New Year’s Eve fireworks and supporting St Ives in December events, as well as promoting the winter offer to a Cornish audience.
‘Expanded from BID 1’

St Ives Destination Website with St Ives Tourism Association

Website – Content creation, SEO, maintenance, and upgrading of St Ives destination website in conjunction with St Ives Tourism Association and Visitor Information Centre.

‘Expanded from BID 1’

This theme will be monitored by:

  • Website and social media analytics on views and social reach
  • Value of PR generated by the BID’s PR and Marketing campaigns
  • Number of trail maps distributed
  • Number of articles published and their impact
  • WiFi usage figures
  • Footfall counts from events held
  • Levy payer surveys and visitor feedback following events
  • Media coverage
  • Number of events supported and the impact on businesses