BID 2 Projects – Town Appearance and Facilities

Theme 1: Town Appearance and Facilities

Our consultation told us how important it is to you that St Ives is a clean and welcoming town and how creating a better environment is essential both for visitors and local people who use our town. You want St Ives to compete with other similar towns in terms of the standards of visitor experience offered and get the basics right! We will also tackle neglected areas of our town.

You also told us that whilst cleaning up St Ives is a priority; you wouldn’t expect the BID to fund it entirely. You want us to work closely with partners to achieve this and make most efficient use of combined resources.

The projects were all ranked as ‘essential’ or ‘important’ by between 72% and 92% of respondents.

Smeatons Pier Lighthouse

The Basics – working with partners

Maintenance of town planting scheme and weekly weeding through the appointment of a ‘Town handyman’ to keep on top of cleaning and maintenance issues, maintain communal areas, carry out weekly weed clearance and maintain the town centre planting scheme.
‘Expanded from BID 1’

Provision of recycling bins for different types of waste for use by visitors, a project that 92% of respondents ranked as either essential or important. We are working closely with Cornwall Council to ensure recycling bins are installed throughout the town centre.
‘New for BID 2’

Introduction of additional cleaning measures – Working with Cornwall Council to ensure our streets are clean, including litter picking, cigarette butt bins and deep cleans.
‘New for BID 2’

Public Conveniences – Investigate options to assist with the running of toilets, refurbish and maintain them. St Ives BID will work closely with the Town Council and local businesses to look at funding options to ensure St Ives has operational, clean toilets all year round.
‘New for BID 2’

St Ives BID and the town upkeep

The Extras

Winter Lights initiative and Christmas lighting with light curtains on Royal Square, Chapel Street and stretching the full length of Fore Street, the main 25 ft tree in Royal Square and 150 lit trees on the buildings throughout town. ‘Continue’

Town dressing – festoon lights, flags and bunting throughout the town. ‘Continue’

Plastic free St Ives scheme – supporting the scheme to achieve ‘Plastic Free’ status. ‘Continue’

Dressing of vacant units to improve their visual appeal. ‘Continue’

More ‘greening’ of St Ives including additional planting and looking at sponsorship options to co-fund this. ‘Expanded from BID1’

Blue Flag status working with relevant authorities to achieve Blue Flag status for the town’s beaches. ‘Continue’

‘Flock Off’ – campaigns and initiatives to handle the nuisance caused by gulls: ‘Continue’

This theme will be monitored by:

  • Attractiveness and tidiness of St Ives measured by levy payer or visitor feedback
  • ‘Before’ and ‘after’ pictures of problem areas
  • New or refurbished visitor facilities across the town
  • Grant funding secured
  • The quality and frequency of cleaning carried out
  • Amount/volume of waste recycled
  • Blue Flag Beach/Britain in Bloom awards
  • Levy payer feedback on the nuisance caused by gulls
  • Additional planting introduced and maintained
  • Number, length, and quality of flags, Christmas lighting, trees, and bunting