Harbour Flags

Flags that do more than add a splash of colour to the harbour!

As well as looking resplendent, the brightly-coloured flags that line St Ives Harbour throughout the summer serve a secondary purpose – to deter Herring Gulls!

A perennial problem in St Ives, Herring Gulls are notorious fish, chip and ice cream thieves and the St Ives Business Improvement District team test different initiatives every year in an attempt to reduce the number of opportunities for a bird to swoop on you!

The BID had already invested in ‘don’t feed the gulls’ signs and seagull spikes, but traders collectively felt more was needed during the summer season when gulls are feeding growing chicks. The flags were introduced in an attempt to spook the gulls, and many of the businesses in the harbour, as well as St Ives Harbourmaster, Steve Bassett, think they have made a difference.

We try numerous different initiatives to both deter gulls and educate visitors, and are always on the look-out for new ideas. If you can help please contact kate@stivesbid.co.uk.