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Marketing St Ives this Winter

Deborah Clark Associates (DCA) is run by a team of ten highly experienced PR, marketing and digital professionals who are experts in effectively positioning a brand, marketing a business or promoting a destination. DCA works with market-leading businesses, top consumer brands and major public sector organisations across the South West and nationally to deliver creative campaigns through a full range of traditional and digital platforms.

Over the past year, DCA has helped St Ives generate the following press coverage.

Coverage stats from April 2016 – early December 2016.

  • Printed total AVE – £49,947.95
  • Broadcast Total AVE – £19,807.50
  • Website Total AVE – £32,367.89
  • Combined – £102,123.34

*Print coverage – 79 pieces including local, regional, magazine and national

*Broadcast – 12 pieces of coverage across local radio and TV

*Online coverage – 35 pieces including local, regional, blogs and national

*National coverage – 8 pieces across print and online

*Combined – 126

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