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We would just like to thank everyone for their support […]

We would just like to thank everyone for their support of the St. Ives Gift Card. The take-up from businesses has been wonderful (with 40+ already on the system and a further 40+ awaiting their terminal to be linked) and local accommodation providers have also jumped on board to offer it to guests on arrival as a welcome gift or as an alternative to doing in-house breakfasts.

Don’t forget for those of you who are looking to use gift cards in accommodation or as staff incentives the UK Trivial Tax Benefits Scheme may apply. To order corporate gifts cards for your business please follow the link to the corporate ordering website:

Gift cards are already in circulation!

We received a lovely message from Gallery38 who said “We have just had a gift card spent at the gallery! It was a Father’s Day gift for a chap on holiday, to the value of £60 and they spent £76”. Gallery38 would love to see locals and visitors use the card as they have lots of lovely affordable gift ideas.

We also had a great time out in the harbour yesterday on a marketing shoot for the Gift Card with some of the boat trip providers who will be accepting the card. Marketing is currently going out locally and nationally and has even reached some European Countries that book coach tours to St. Ives. Thank you to the team on The Nemo, The Seahorse and The Tigerlily for our most enjoyable photoshoot yet 😊

As you can imagine we have had lots of requests to help with the initial set-up which we are slowly making our way through but there are currently nearly 50 businesses on our list awaiting set-up. We hope to get you all linked ASAP but we understand that in the meantime you may be missing out on gift card sales so for a quicker sign-up you may want to set-up your terminal to accept payments yourself, please find details below on how to do this.

How to sign up

How to sign up your business by yourself

Complete the following form which needs an e-signature from a Manager/Business Owner

Need our help signing up?

STEP 1 – BID come to your business to swipe the test card which links your merchant ID

STEP 2 – Complete the following form which needs an e-signature from a Manager/Business Owner

(Both steps need to be completed to join the programme)

Do all terminals accept the gift card?

Yes,  all terminals will accept the gift card but if your terminal doesn’t have a magstripe swipe facility it is slightly more fiddly to process gift card payments as it has to be done as a ‘cardholder not present’ or ‘payment link’. We have been told by the gift card provider that if you wish to add a swipe facility to your terminal these are often less than £20 and clip to the side of your existing terminal and some companies will offer a free upgrade to a new machine with a swipe terminal as part of your contract. This is not essential but if you have a long line of customers with gift cards this may be beneficial.

Payment Link Doc

Dojo – Taking manual payments video

Dojo – How to send payment link

iZettle – Payment Link Video

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