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Invitation to Tender: Commercial Waste and Recycling Research for St Ives BID

Invitation to Tender:

St Ives BID is looking to undertake primary and secondary research to review the commercial waste requirements of St Ives BID members. The work is to be completed throughout January and February 2022 with a final report with recommendations due in March 2022.

Contract Freelance contract:

Application to Tender Deadline: 4th January 2022 at 17:00


St Ives Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) is a business led initiative of 380 businesses supported by government legislation which gives them the power to raise funds locally to be spent locally on improving a defined commercial area. A BID is created when the majority of business ratepayers within that area vote to invest collectively in local improvements. There are now over 300 BIDs across the British Isles and 8 operating within Cornwall representing around 2,000 businesses helping provide support services for businesses as well as improve and promote their towns and businesses. The BID is independent from local authorities and other statutory agencies and delivers projects over and above the baseline service provided by them. St Ives BID first became operational in June 2014 and has been operating for seven years. 

Over that time, the BID has invested levy payers money into St Ives; the resulting achievements are documented in St Ives BID Renewal Business Plan 2019 – 2024:  click here to view. 

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