Don’t be gull-ible…

Why have a campaign about seagulls in St Ives?

Last year BID replaced all the ad hoc signage dotted around the town with new uniformed and informative signs.


We designed and produced some posters which were distributed amongst the various food outlets. The problems with a single message of ‘please do not feed the gulls’ is that it doesn’t give a reason why or give any advice on how to avoid a gull ‘attack’. It is not just people feeding the gulls that is the problem.

These were to try and educate People that a gull will try and snatch food from them and over the years they have become highly skilled in identifying people’s habits, which will give them the opportunity to feed. The posters we produced had “hints & tips” telling visitors why they should change their habits and alerting them to the presence of gulls.

1. Beware the Gulls… The message ‘Beware’ grabs people’s attention and alerts them that there are a high number of gulls in this area.
2. Informing people about the reasons as to why they have to beware e.g. risk of attack, spread of disease, etc
3. Educating people on how to avoid an ‘attack’ e.g. shield your food, eat with your back against a wall, don’t feed them etc.

The plan

We want to reinforce the message above through a number of mediums and in a number of locations.


Trains/Train Station between St Erth and St. Ives
First Buses
Buses operating from Royal Square
Holiday letting agents via pdf to upload onto their websites or print off to place in holiday lets
Camp sites
St Ives Town website when live
Smaller version to incorporate onto maps
All versions to be placed on BID website to allow anyone to download and place on their own marketing
Social media



Window stickers

All take away outlets on Wharf / harbour front / beaches
All take away outlets on the Wharf/harbour front/beaches

Additional Measures:

Roosting Spikes

As well as the educational campaign we are implementing and trailing some additional measures. One of the best measures taken so far to disrupt the seagulls along the Wharf has been the installation of spikes on the hanging basket posts. Feedback has been 100% positive and food retailers along the wharf have come to us to let us know that they have had an impact in reducing the attacks. Next year we plan to extend the spiking along the Wharf and we will be speaking to the food outlets to get their advice as to the best locations for these spikes.


The flags have now been taken down for the winter and we need your feedback on whether they return again next year. We have had feedback, both positive and negative, about the effectiveness of them as a seagull deterrent and also for the look of them.

Grease Proof Paper

Last summer we also made some grease proof paper for all the take away eateries in St Ives. We had loads of people excited about the new angle we were taking on tackling the problem. The content of the grease proof paper was put together with the BID team and the British Trust for Ornithology. We are always looking for new and iniuteresting ways to solve the seagull problems. If you have any new ideas please contact us