Business Support Day

BID Business Support Day – 13th July (12pm – 7pm) […]

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BID Business Support Day – 13th July (12pm – 7pm) St Ives Library

St. Ives Library 13th July from 12 noon until 7

12-7 Business Support Day

6-7 Drop-in Clinic with Derek Thomas and other Local Authority (TBC)

Come and see us to discuss:

  • Any questions you have for BID
  • DISC Set-up and troubleshooting
  • Gift Card sign-up and questions
  • Consultation and Business plan questions
  • Ideas for future projects
  • Town Deal Enterprise Grants
  • Traffic Proposals for Town Deal Transport (Emissions/safety/deliveries)
  • Business support
  • How to make the most out of your BID contribution
  • How to get involved with BID

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