Business Improvement District

What do we hope to Achieve with a BID in St Ives?

Imagine what we could do with £150,000 each year for 5 years combined with everybody’s business wisdom!

With this money, St Ives BID will deliver on two key projects:

Project 1: Town Appearance and Facilities

Improve overall attractiveness of the town – with special attention to focal points and the Harbour area where rubbish bins and seagulls are a major problem.

The BID will enhance the town’s appearance in many ways, provide effective information and signage for visitors, co-ordinate street signage, deal with problems with rubbish bins and trade waste and trial seagull deterrents.

Trial & Develop Parking and Traffic initiatives – In addition to existing schemes the BID will trial initiatives such as arranging for flexible parking rates overall, cheaper parking rates for workers and a better park & ride service.

Safety and Security – Monitor the effectiveness of current measures and work with the local security partnership to develop further measures as necessary.

Project 2: Marketing and Events

Marketing Campaign aimed at Local, National & International Visitors – A professional campaign particularly targeted to generate additional visitors out of the main season, targeted to local, national and international visitors.

Website displaying everything available in the town incorporating Social Media & a Town App – The website will include everything going on and everything available; it will be the first point for visitors and locals to get information on St Ives. Every BID Levy payer will be included. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will also be used to promote the town and its businesses. Master classes will also be provided for businesses so proprietors can maximise their marketing.

Events out of season – A range of events will be run to encourage customer spend across business type and location such as outdoor events, sector specific events (such as arts, water sports, walking, children’s beach club) and events based at a range of town locations.

Support Existing Successful Events – Support existing events such as the Food Festival, September Festival, December and, where appropriate, further develop them to benefit businesses such as broadening appeal and encouraging customer spend.